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"" is a multiplayer online game where players control airplanes and compete against each other to be the last one flying. The game usually involves flying through a 2D or 3D environment and shooting down enemy planes while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups.

Some examples of airplane IO games include:

"": This game features a simple 2D environment where players control a small plane and try to survive by shooting down other planes.

"Fighter Aircraft Simulator 3D": A more realistic flight simulator game that allows players to control different types of fighter planes and engage in dogfights with other players.

"": This game features a 3D environment where players can customize their planes and compete in team battles against other players.

"Air Wars 2": Another 3D airplane game, Air Wars 2 is a multiplayer dogfighting game that allows players to choose from different types of planes and weapons.

These games can be found on various gaming websites or app stores.

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