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" 3D" is a category of multiplayer online games where players control an animal and compete against other players to survive, grow or be the last one standing. These games are usually played in 3D environments and feature various animals such as bears, wolves, foxes, and even unicorns.

Some examples of 3D games include:

"Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D": This game allows players to become a wolf and explore a vast open world while hunting prey and avoiding predators.

"": This is a multiplayer ocean survival game where players control different sea creatures and try to survive by eating food, avoiding enemies, and leveling up.

"": In this game, players must survive on a raft in the middle of the ocean by collecting resources, building their raft, and defending themselves from sharks and other players.

"": This is a popular multiplayer game where players start as a small animal and level up by eating food and avoiding predators until they eventually evolve into larger animals.

These games can be found on various gaming websites or app stores.

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